Dandy Don’s LSU : A Legacy of Passion and Dedication

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Dandy Don’s LSU is a renowned blog that has become an essential source of news, insights, and analysis for fans of Louisiana State University (LSU) athletics. Named after its founder, Don Long, the site has provided comprehensive coverage of LSU sports, particularly football, since its inception. This article explores the origins, impact, and continued relevance of Dandy Don’s , delving into its unique features and the passion that drives its content.

The Genesis of Dandy Don’s LSU

Don Long: The Man Behind the Blog

Don Long, affectionately known as “Dandy Don,” was a lifelong LSU fan with an unparalleled passion for the Tigers. Born and raised in Louisiana, Don’s love for LSU sports was deeply rooted in his upbringing. His desire to share his insights and foster a community of like-minded fans led him to create Dandy Don’s LSU in 1996, at a time when the internet was still in its nascent stages.

The Early Days

In the beginning, Dandy Don’s  was a simple email newsletter that Don sent to a small group of friends and family. His in-depth knowledge of LSU athletics, combined with his engaging writing style, quickly garnered a following. Recognizing the potential of the internet, Don transitioned the newsletter to a website, making his content accessible to a broader audience.

Content and Coverage: A Comprehensive Approach

LSU Football: The Heart of the Blog

While Dandy Don’s LSU covers a variety of sports, LSU football has always been the focal point. The blog provides detailed analysis of games, player performances, and coaching decisions. Don’s game previews and recaps are known for their thoroughness and insight, offering readers a deeper understanding of the strategies and dynamics at play.

Recruiting: An Eye for Talent

One of the standout features of Dandy Don’s LSU is its extensive coverage of recruiting. Don had a keen eye for identifying potential talent and tracking the recruitment process. His updates on high school prospects, commitments, and signing day developments have become a vital resource for fans eager to see the future stars of LSU athletics.

Beyond Football: A Holistic View

While football is the main attraction, Dandy Don’s LSU also covers other sports, including basketball, baseball, and track and field. The blog’s commitment to highlighting the achievements and challenges of all LSU athletic programs underscores its dedication to the broader LSU community.

Building a Community: Interaction and Engagement

Reader Contributions

From the outset, Dandy Don’s LSU has encouraged reader interaction. Don valued the opinions and insights of his readers, often incorporating their feedback into his posts. This interactive approach helped foster a sense of community among LSU fans, making the blog a hub for passionate discussions and camaraderie.

Social Media Presence

With the rise of social media, Dandy Don’s LSU has expanded its reach and engagement. The blog maintains active profiles on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where followers can engage in real-time conversations, share their thoughts, and stay updated on the latest news. This social media presence has helped the blog remain relevant and accessible in the digital age.

The Impact and Legacy of Dandy Don

A Trusted Source of Information

Over the years, Dandy Don’s LSU has earned a reputation as a trusted source of information for LSU sports fans. Don’s meticulous attention to detail, combined with his genuine love for the Tigers, ensured that his content was both accurate and heartfelt. Even after his passing in 2012, the blog has continued to uphold these high standards under the stewardship of his son, Scott Long.

Influencing the LSU Fanbase

Dandy Don’s LSU has played a significant role in shaping the perspectives and opinions of LSU fans. The blog’s analysis and commentary have often sparked debates and discussions, influencing the broader discourse around LSU athletics. By providing a platform for informed and passionate dialogue, Dandy Don’s  has helped strengthen the LSU fanbase.

Honoring Don’s Legacy

Scott Long’s dedication to continuing his father’s work has been instrumental in maintaining the blog’s relevance and quality. Scott, who shares his father’s passion for LSU sports, has expanded the blog’s coverage while preserving its core values. Under his guidance, Dandy Don’s  remains a fitting tribute to Don Long’s legacy.

The Future of Dandy Don’s LSU

Embracing New Technologies

As technology continues to evolve, Dandy Don’s LSU is poised to leverage new tools and platforms to enhance its content and reach. The integration of multimedia elements, such as video analysis and podcasts, could offer readers new ways to engage with the blog’s content.

Expanding Coverage

While maintaining its focus on LSU athletics, Dandy Don’s  has the potential to broaden its scope. By exploring more in-depth features on athletes’ personal stories, behind-the-scenes looks at the athletic programs, and coverage of lesser-known sports, the blog can continue to provide comprehensive and diverse content for its audience.

Fostering Community Engagement

The blog’s commitment to community engagement remains a cornerstone of its success. By organizing fan events, live Q&A sessions, and interactive polls, Dandy Don’s LSU can further strengthen the bond between the blog and its readers, fostering an even more vibrant and active community.


Dandy Don’s LSU stands as a testament to the power of passion and dedication. From its humble beginnings as an email newsletter to its current status as a beloved source of LSU sports news, the blog has remained true to its founder’s vision. Through meticulous analysis, comprehensive coverage, and a deep connection with its readers, has cemented its place in the hearts of LSU fans. As the blog continues to evolve and grow under Scott Long’s leadership, it promises to remain a cherished resource for the LSU community for years to come.



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